How it works

We collect and hold in escrow the full invoice amount before you start any work.  You can rest assured the money is there to pay you on time and in full when each milestone is complete.


We hold and control contractor payment across jobs.  This allows us to hold contractors to a higher level of accountability and ensure your project is done right.

Dispute Resolution

Disagreements on completion of milestones are settled through dispute resolution and arbitration as necessary to help you and the contractor get to a fair and fast solution.  If a resolution results in a refund to you in excess of the amount held in your escrow, we redirect payments to you from the contractors other jobs.

How Complete Pay Works


First, you agree with your contractor on a price estimate, scope of work and payment schedule, complete with milestones.


Next, your contractor sends you the invoice through Complete Pay


After the funds are received, the contractor is notified and gets to work. Your money is safely held in escrow until the milestones are complete

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my money safe?

Complete Pay is a proud partner of, a licensed escrow agent in the state of California. Founded by Fidelity National Financial in 1999, is trusted in millions of transactions handling billions of dollars safely every year.

What if we disagree on whether the job is done right?

Complete Pay, together with our partners, works with homeowners and the contractors to find a solution that works for both parties. If we are unable to assist the parties in coming to a mutually agreeable solution, we facilitate a binding arbitration process through here.
We strongly encourage homeowners and contractors to make estimates as detailed as possible to limit areas of contention.

What happens if an arbitration settlement is more than the amount held in escrow?

In most cases, your contractor is using Complete Pay for multiple jobs at once.  To the extent available, we take milestone payments from the contractor’s other jobs as milestones are completed and give the money to you to satisfy the settlement.

What happens if the contractor collects the first payment without intention of beginning the scope of work?

Complete Pay prescreens contractors, only allowing reputable contractors with proven track records to utilize the platform. In the event that a contractor collects a down payment without good faith intention to begin the scope of work, Complete Pay will reimburse the payment in full and pursue legal action against the contractor. This reimbursement is not offered in context of any other dispute outside of not beginning the work.

What happens if there is a change to the project or scope of work?

When the change is agreed upon by both you and the contractor, the contractor submits an updated invoice through Complete Pay.  After you submit payment, the contractor is notified to continue their work.

What happens if a job takes longer than expected?

Reasonable delays are unfortunately a common occurrence in construction.  If a delay becomes egregious, our dispute resolution process is in place to help you and your contractor navigate the issue.

Is Complete Pay available to all contractors and homeowners?

Our mission is to bring trust and transparency to the home repair and renovation market.  Any contractor or homeowner found to be a consistent “bad actor” will be denied use of our payment platform.  If you feel you have been removed unjustly, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Who pays for Complete Pay?

Complete Pay’s modest fees are paid by the contractor and completely free to you

Other questions?

We welcome conversations with homeowners.  Please feel free to contact us.

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