How it works

We collect and hold in escrow the full invoice amount before you start any work.  You can rest assured the money is there to pay you on time and in full when each milestone is complete.


We collect and hold in escrow the full estimate amount before you start any work.  Your payments are released to you according to the agreed upon payment schedule and milestones.

Dispute Resolution

Disagreements on completion of milestones are settled through dispute resolution and arbitration as necessary to help you and the homeowner get to a fair and fast solution.

How Complete Pay Works


First, you agree with the homeowner on a price estimate, scope of work and payment schedule, complete with milestones.


Then you send your invoice and customer contract to the homeowner through Complete Pay.


Once the full amount of funds are received, you are notified and can get to work.  You will receive each payment once the milestone is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly do I get paid after the homeowner signs off on my work?

As soon as the work is signed off, you can arrange for an ACH transfer or wire to be initiated.

Do you offer lead generation?

We currently do not offer lead generation services.

What if I completed my work, but the homeowner won’t sign off?

We work with you to get ahold of the homeowner to understand if their delay is inadvertent or a dispute on the quality of the work.  If it is a dispute, we work with you to move the claim to dispute resolution /arbitration.  Note that because the money is already in escrow, the homeowner has no financial incentive to delay payment for quality work.

What happens when there is a change order?

When the change order is agreed upon by both you and the homeowner, you submit an updated invoice through Complete Pay. Once that is promptly paid, you are notified to continue work.

Is Complete Pay available to all contractors and homeowners?

Our mission is to bring trust and transparency to the home repair and renovation market.  Any contractor or homeowner found to be a consistent “bad actor” will be denied use of our payment platform.  If you feel you have been removed unjustly, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

What would cause me to be removed from the platform?

We monitor performance data on contractor to identify “bad actors”. Some of these monitored metrics include frequency of jobs moving to dispute resolution and size & frequency of underestimation.  So long as you are acting in good faith, this should not be an issue.

Who pays for Complete Pay?

Complete Pay’s modest fees are paid by you, the contractor.

How do I avoid jobs being disputed?

The clearer and more detailed you make your estimates, the less room there is for misunderstanding.  This will also help your case should a job goto arbitration.

Other questions?

We welcome conversations with our contractors.  Please feel free to contact us.

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